Client Focused Services


Waste may be a commodity, but service is personal. So we listen attentively to what suppliers and customers have to say, and try that much harder to give them what they want. Because we're independent, we treat our suppliers and customers as individuals and as equals. Dealing with us should be as pleasurable as it is profitable.
Services include collecting/receiving scrap metal from merchants and demolition firms, providing industrial clearance and total waste management services to manufacturers and storage and distribution of aggregates, new steel bar and coil.

Services to Scrap Metal Merchants

Suppliers who deliver to our sites appreciate the speedy turnaround we offer. Lorries move quickly through the goods inwards system because of our effective site layout and infrastructure. Merchants appreciate our reliable service, competitive prices and our well structured, metal pricing system which is index linked to Corus Steel and Metal Bulletin. This ensures continuity of supply and no interruption to deliveries whilst negotiations take place.


Services to Demolition firms

JSJ Metal Recovery has the processing equipment and resources to meet the demanding requirements of most demolition work. Our fleet of collection vehicles can handle a huge range of materials and we provide a speedy and reliable service when collecting materials from demolition sites. JSJ Metals deals with the final stage of the demolition process so that our demolition partners can focus on their core operations and leave the worry of scrap metal and all other types of waste removal to us.

Industrial Clearance


There's value in ferrous and non-ferrous waste and scrap – and a cost in storing and managing it. We can help manufacturers maximize their values and minimize their costs with a fast, efficient, and fully traceable waste recovery service. We can turn up at short notice to clear a yard or work with customers to develop a long-term waste management strategy.


Total Waste Management

Our waste management skills are applicable to the full range of industrial waste such as metal, paper, glass, plastic and timber, as well as hazardous waste. Through our Total Waste Management service, we help manufacturers meet their health and safety and environmental obligations and prove to regulators and stakeholders that they have dealt with their waste responsibly. We work with them to establish a waste management strategy,  then dispose of their waste efficiently and cost-effectively on their behalf. Landfill is always the last resort. Indeed we can work with factories to reduce their eventual landfill burden to zero. Along the way, every movement of waste is fully documented and traceable through a detailed audit trail.