Within a short span of time, JSJ Metal Recycling is now one of the leading metal recyclers in the north of England.

Growing from its first site in Kiveton, the business now operates 2 professionally organised and fully authorised metal waste recycling centres, which combine to provide significant coverage of the Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire region. Handling metal waste in all shapes and sizes, our sites are open to individual callers with small amounts of domestic waste, we can deliver a one-off or contracted skips, collect single cars all the way up to regular agreements involving hundreds of tonnes of manufacturing process waste.

With a significant programme of investment in plant, technology, systems and expertise, JSJ Metal Recycling lead the way in the modern processing and safe recycling of scrap metal and associated materials, with the JSJ handling depollution of over 3,000 cars per year and the processing 70,000 tonnes of scrap.

Our prices are competitive and updated daily linked to the metal bulletin index of prices.


     shear             shredder1.jpg

                             LEFORT SHEAR                                                                              1200 HP SHREDDER